Provides protection from the elements and safety during contamination threats, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other life threatening events.

To keep a more natural aesthetic, and to provide optimum levels of comfort, our underground shelters are dome-shaped, making them substantially stronger than traditional metal box shelters. The modular shell panels are made with prefabricated aerospace composites nested in an outer core created with aerated concrete reinforced with synthetic fibers and waterproofed using Crystalline technology.

Our modular system can be used to create many different sizes and configurations. Because of its unique shape, it creates a naturally cool space, is easy to install, can fit in various depths, and provide security for years to come. With an eco-friendly underground shelter, you can create your own subterranean cave and safeguard your family against all of the elements.

For added peace of mind, we offer several extra options. This includes a nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) air filtration system with a hand crank for emergencies, CO2 scrubbers to remove carbon dioxide from the shelter whenever air pipes are blocked or if the air system is turned off, and a watertight hatch to keep your environment secure.

Features & Advantages

Dome-shaped shelter is several times stronger than any metal box shelter
Protects against tornadoes, earthquakes, wild fires and bio-chemical contamination
Creates a natural cool space suitable for all types of climates
Provides safety under any situation created by adverse elements
Allows for the highest level of comfort possible
Self-supporting system – no structural reinforcements required
100% waterproof and includes a water tight door hatch
Lightweight components that are easy to transport into remote areas
Easy, fast and discreet assembly
Various depths available
Functional and versatile
Functional and versatile, with easy connectivity between modules to create any layout or configuration required
Nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) air filtration system with hand crank for emergencies
CO2 scrubbers to remove carbon dioxide out of the shelter whenever air pipes are blocked or air system is turned off

Modular Layouts

The technology is comprised of modules with an arch 11 ft (3.36 mt) tall at its highest point and a basic width of 15 ft (4.57 mt) but this width can be extended indefinitely by connecting lengthwise and laterally to additional modules adapting to any project requirements.

Green-Magic-Crete application


Our waterproofed Green-Magic-Crete and micro-fibers formula is extruded through a special equipment of micro bubbles in high-density foam, which varies in size, depending on the volume of the area to be filled.
Green Magic Homes supplies the filler equipment through our Certified Builders Worldwide.

Ventilation ducts


The system can use all types of ventilation ducts, along with NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) air filtration systems with a hand crank for emergencies, CO2 scrubbers to remove carbon dioxide from the shelter whenever air pipes are blocked or if the air system is turned off.

Natural lighting


For some applications that do not require a sealed environment and external light, the system can integrate suntubes – a ducted lighting technology that can carry natural sunlight into the units..

Access ducts


Our underground shelters have an access hatch that opens an access duct of 6.56 ft (2.00 mt) in diameter and a wide spiral stair of 37.4 inches (95 cms) of footprint width for easy access. The hatch uses hydraulic jacks to facilitate opening and closing, and it is sealed completely when shut, and capable of resisting the tornado suction force.

Easy to ship

– 861 sqft (80 mt2) of covered area can fit in a 20-foot container

– 1,722 sq ft (160 mt2) fit in a 40-foot container