Green Magic Homes has created a green living technology that integrates residents with the surroundings, fostering environmental awareness and appreciation of nature while offering significant technological advantages that deliver an unparalleled unique living experience.

Our biophilic structures are covered by soil and rich greenery, making energy efficient and energy saving while keeping a temperature balanced interior that fosters restful sleep and rejuvenation. Embrace an innovative lifestyle that calms your senses, fills you with energy, joy, and inner peace while keeping you connected to external environment.


Completely waterproof, with clean spaces, Green Magic Homes are built with modular components manufactured with the latest generation of fiber reinforced polymer technology. The structures offer infinite design possibilities and comfort, quick assembly and total security at an engineering and construction level.

We combine technologies, materials and construction methods that are fast, efficient, renewable, waste-reducing and locally sourced; to create uniquely beautiful and futuristic designs that blur the lines between inside and out.

High Energy Efficiency

The FRP panels combined with the integrated insulation make the structures very energy efficient by minimizing heat transfer to maintain a constant and stable temperature inside, independent of the external fluctuations.

Water And Corrosion Resistant

Water accounts for 25% of all homeowners insurance claims. Our water and corrosion resistant structures are shielded with two layers of waterproofing elements to prevent infiltration and prolong the life of the units.

Natural Environment

The GMH technology is designed to be covered by lush vegetation allowing integration with any natural environment. Enjoy an environment of flowers, fruits and greens around your house and feel nature like never before.

Modular Construction

Our modular framing system reduces material at the construction site by 60% and can reduce building time up to 80% when compared to traditional construction. Layouts are easily personalized and can easily adapt to the local environment and available resources to streamline the construction process.

Works With Traditional Construction

All internal layouts are designed to be built with traditional construction systems. Compatibility with traditional construction provides the best of both worlds: ample spaces and advanced technology with the cost benefits of traditional systems including plumbing, electric, mechanical, etc.

High Technology

Organic shaped spaces with high ceilings built with modular elements made of FRP with high technology manufacturing. Options include biobased resins (25% soy based) or Food Grade panels manufactured with resins that meet the requirements of FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Title 21 CFR177.2420.


Thanks for wanting to make the world greener and changing the way we live with our patented construction technology GREEN MAGIC HOMES. After completing the form we will send you brochures containing general information about our technology and models in your region.