Developed at MIT to promote quicker, better root development to get the most potential out plants.

This lighting technology utilizes a unique blend of invisible and deep penetrating short and long infrared wavelengths that excite molecular activity providing an efficient way to affect grow performance and maximize photosynthesis without heat. EMS energy promotes more rapid healthy growth, thicker stems and higher yields since the essential minerals, nutrients and water are more evenly distributed via petioles and stomates throughout the entire plant.

When utilizing EMS technology, micromole (umol) measurement (photons of light passing through a given area) and Photo-synthetically Active Radiation (PAR) analysis alone are not enough. It is the coupling of these different energy sources that creates a more efficient means of increasing plant growth performance.
EMS lighting technology is the best, most energy-efficient and eco-friendly grow system available.


  • 12” x 12” x 1 1/2” (30.5cm x 30.5cm x 3.8cm) 60 watts panel.
  • 60 Diode Array: Full Spectrum White (Daylight source), Red, and EMS (Electromagnetic Spectrum) blended Invisible spectrum.
  • 40kHz-will not interfere with electronic equipment.
  • Removable front acrylic high transmittance shield.
  • Generally better for C3 Plants.


  • 24-hour cycles and no spectrum management requirements provide a universal lighting protocol for all plants and facilitate combining different plants into the same structure.
  • No rest period required for plants means a faster-growing cycle and more harvests per year.
  • Low Power requirements per light (60 watts – 1/6th the power of typical full spectrum grow lights) cut down on energy costs significantly saving thousands of dollars in electrical costs over the typical HID, HPS or LED spectrum light configurations.
  • A lightweight and durable enclosure that survives daily use and abuse.
  • Heat, Cold, Humidity, water-resistant, and impact-resistant design.
  • No parts to wear out or replace.


  • Provides a more efficient and natural approach to grow light that instead of stressing the plant tissue, nourishes and stimulates stem growth, and develops dense and healthy leaves.
  • Increases plant water retention on a cellular level, increasing irrigation efficiency and reducing the needs required for the life of the plant along with the nutrient and fertilizer load.
  • The EMS wavelength energy emitted penetrates through the entire plant, through the soil, right into the root system, interacting with the plant’s physiology in ways other lights cannot.
  • Originally developed for human health applications, EMS lighting provides a 100% safe and pleasant environment for employees to work under without limitations on time and exposure or the need for eye and skin protection.
  • Creates quicker CO2 uptake within the plant, creating healthier, faster-producing plants more resistant to pests and mold attack and resulting in better and faster yields.
  • EMS energy eliminates the dehydration factor and high differentials throughout the plant while promoting quicker and stronger root development.
  • The positive effects of EMS lighting deliver a boost in photosynthesis, respiration, mineral nutrition, and overall product quality.
  • No radiant heat is produced nor transmitted allowing lights to be placed directly above the plants, closer to the canopy to augment light density and enhance photosynthetic activity without increasing the transpiration levels, causing heat stress or bleaching on the plants.