Agrotunnels are State-of-the-Art climate controlled, antibacterial, healthy and nourishing environments for indoor cultivation.
Using GMH Technology we have created the most ideal energy-efficient indoor system for growth. Its interior is the ideal growth ecosystem with cool temperatures, balanced airflow, and the optimal CO2 concentration to maximize plant growth, increase yield and reduce the chance of plant disease. We reduce the area above and around the plants to light, heat and humidify. This reduces operations costs per plant and creates an airtight, controllable, non-stressed envelope to grow your plants in.
The units maintain optimum and stable growth conditions and provide consistent plant development throughout each cycle, maximizing yields, streamlining processes and driving more value from crop cycles. Our highly insulated structures are not affected by day to day or season to season sunlight, heat or cold variables.


The simplest and most efficient aeroponics system available in the market today

Our technology creates the best and highest yielding indoor environment for high-density cultivation engineered for easy operation, maximum efficiency and very low operational costs. This unmatched level of environmental optimization that enables the production of specific and consistent plant properties in every harvest is created through a combination of three main systems:

Gmh Agrotunnel Structure

The Agrotunnel provides a healthy and nourishing environment for growth. The system features an insulated parabolic structure for high energy efficiency and optimum internal cool temperature, antibacterial internal walls, and it’s fully sealed to provide controlled moisture and an ideal CO2 concentration.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Lighting

The lighting system emits deep penetrating wavelengths that excite molecular activity providing an efficient way to affect grow performance and maximizing photosynthesis without heat. The effects of the light are maximized by the 83% reflective surface of the GMH Agrotunnel parabolic walls.

Symbiotic Support Systems

All support systems including water purification, biodigestion, organic nutrient generation, CO2 supplementation, HVAC, and moisture recovery are used to build a symbiotic integrated ecosystem designed to optimize efficiency, mitigate risks and maximize plant growth and quality.


  • GMH Technology assembles rapidly and uses 70% fewer construction materials on-site than conventional systems to speed up construction.
  • The small airlock on the front of the structure reduces the amount of dust, debris, and pests that can make its way into the Agrotunnel and improves sanitation conditions. This airlock also provides an area to place the electrical panel box, system controls, nutrient stock tanks, and miscellaneous equipment and supplies.
  • Manufactured with FRPs (Fiber Reinforced Polymers) which offer long durability, and very high strength.
  • The sealed volume provides accurate moisture control for optimum growing conditions and can be injected with CO2 to boost the concentration and accelerate photosynthesis.
  • The internal domed walls of the GMH structures are coated with a silver-glass finish which provide a reflective surface that redirects 83% of the internal light back onto the plants, ensuring a smooth distribution for even growth.
  • External finish options of soil and vegetation cover or aerated concrete layer for better adaptation to different environments.
  • The system uses a soy-based ecological closed cell spray foam from recycled and renewable resources with zero ozone depletion, and a minimum impact on the environment while offering the highest insulation R-value in the industry: 1” (2.5cm) = R7.14.
  • The Silver-Glass anti-bacterial wall coating effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria such as e-coli, mold, and fungi to create a clean growing environment eliminating the need for pesticides.


  • The system is fully modular whereby the length and width are fully customizable.
  • Internal walls are not load-bearing and thus, provide multiple design possibilities.
  • Vaulted design with no stagnant corners dissipates indoor ventilation naturally, providing a highly effective and efficient continuous airflow to maintain an ideal and balanced ambient temperature.
  • The upward vortex generated by the convection effect from the parabolic structure concentrates the hot air at the apex of the domed high ceiling keeping the heat above the plants and moisture away from the crops.
  • The curved shape of the structure ensures any ceiling condensation drips on the sides and not on the plants.
  • The high volume-to-surface-area ratio of dome shapes have less surface area than other shaped buildings and thus, require less energy for heating or cooling.
  • Domed structures are aerodynamic and can withstand heavy winds and severe weather; and provide the world’s highest earthquake resistant structures.
  • The heavy buttress around the base of the walls provides a sound deadening effect, resulting in a very quiet stress-free environment for the plants, without the loud hum of fans.
  • The insulated, climate-controlled, engineered building envelope allows plants to thrive regardless of any external environment including extreme cold or heat, high wind or snow areas or any other difficult or harsh weather conditions, while maintaining optimum energy efficiency and ample heating and cooling cost savings.
  • The system allows the creation of a lush indoor growing space that sustains an ideal climate even where the soil is unsuitable for year-round production.


A precision controlled environment with high-yields, consistent operating costs and good results from day to day and year to year ensures continuous production and profitability.

A fine-tuned combination of heat, light, and humidity

There is no need to heat, light and humidify all of the wasted airspaces above the plants in a typical giant greenhouse. The 11 ft / 3.36M ceilings in our airtight Agrotunnels provide controlled airspace with a reduced volume to heat, light and humidify per plant while still keeping any hot air above the plants.

The outer earth berm help in maintaining a cool internal temperature and a balanced interior temperature even when unassisted.

Sealed envelope controlled environment

Our system provides a highly insulated sealed environment that protects the interior against the elements and offers complete independence between the internal environment and external elements.

The sealed space allows the humidity to be controlled so that during the growth stage it can be kept high to establish a healthy root zone and sustain vegetative growth, and then lowered during the bloom cycle to prevent mold from forming on the buds.

A sealed volume also minimizes leakages and provides extensive savings when using CO2 enrichment to accelerate photosynthesis.

High-tech antibacterial reflective inner coating

The walls of the structure are glazed with a state-of-the-art antibacterial coating composed of glass and silver that eliminates pests, mold, and fungi.

The silver is anti-bacterial while the exploded glass beads prevent microbes and bacteria like E-Coli and Staph Infections. Lab tests prove the effectiveness at 99.9 – 100% without chemicals or manual cleaning/disinfection.

High domed ceilings and curved internal walls

The domed shape of the ceilings catalyzes a convection effect where the airflow is naturally pushed up the middle of the structure and gently drops through the sides creating a natural internal current. This results in an inner temperature balance throughout the entirety of the unit.

The concave internal shape coated with an 83% reflective material reflects internal light onto the plants to maximize the effectiveness of the system.


As part of our regenerative approach to cultivation, we harvest the leaves of leafy greens, and the roots of root vegetables and leave the plant intact to regenerate. Once it regrows it can be harvested multiple times.  This allows us to get more turns out of a plant and larger yields than traditional  agricultural methods.


In the outdoors, the units blend into the natural terrain using locally sourced ground cover and vegetation for increased insulation and full protection from the elements.


Double Unit Agrotunnel Model this 2188 sq. ft (203.5 M2) and can expand indefinitely. This larger and scalable structure the possibility of doubling your production expectations. Widths of three tunnels or more, allow the creation of very large facilities can expand operations as required.


A precision controlled environment with high-yields, consistent operating costs and good results from day to day and year to year ensures continuous production and profitability.

Each 1000 Sq Ft / 100 m2 module contains:

8,840 leafy greens plant ports with a flexible wall configuration in a module with airlock.
450 to 720 root vegetables / C3 plants on a 30 bin configuration in a module with airlock.
30 double racks of 12 (1020 style) trays + 12 germination trays in a module with airlock. Production capacity of 1260 trays per month.
11,520 leafy greens plant ports with a flexible wall configuration in a module without airlock.
750 to 12,000 root vegetables / C3 plants on a 50 bin configuration in a module without airlock.
42 double racks of 12 (1020 style) trays + 12 germination trays in a module with airlock. Production capacity of 1764 trays per month.

*Modules combine to create any size growing space – length, width are fully customizable.


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